Decenteralized Crypto Trading Platform

New form of crowdfunding to earn remarkable amount.

Profitela offers token that represents the underlying protocol of new blockchain startup. It is the new cryptocurrency in market. Profitela is the blockchain company that offers its token to the general public around the world in exchange of the other token.

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Simply Register and log in to our platform, Profitela to invest in our new currency and to earn a remarkable amount for sure.

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To start investing in the new form of cryptocurrency, you first need to fill in your personal details which would include your name, mail id, contact details, mail address and more.

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Profitela will definitely help you in earning profits. Purchase 60% of the share to earn the remarkable amount.

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Profitela provides you with 4 amazing affiliate programs for you to choose yours. Choose the best suited program for you.

Decenteralized Crypto Trading Platform

Profitela is accepted globally and has a wide area for exchange.

Profitela is an excellent platform through which you can create and earn amount by just investing in our token. Profitela works in creating a community which nurtuers positive community and promotes development, growth and awareness in the field of education.


The tokens of Profitela are liquid, meaning they can be exchanged and can be used for other utilities globally.


Profitela is made up of a strong team and an inspiring leader which have the perfect chemistry to work with.


Profitela works to find solutions to illiteracy and works behind the idea of curbing it from the roots.
ICO Distribution

Our ICO Distribution

Know how the ICO is distributed in the market.

Funds Allocation

Token Distribution

Roadmap of our Token

Our ICO Roadmap

A roadmap is very important for every investor to know about the strategies and the growth.

01 May 2019
Initial Coin offering

Initial Coin Offering or mostly termed as ICO is a type of fundraising which uses cryptocurrency for exchange. Its main idea is to fund new projects by pre-selling tokens to the investors interested in the project.

02 Jun 2019
Security Improvement

For the decentralized nature and blockchain hosting of cryptocurrency, the security is arguably the bestest of all which the financial industry has seen. The ideal way to keep the coins safe against all potential threats is improving the security of crypto currency.

05 Jul 2019
DDOS Attack Protection

DDOS is basically an attack method which is used to deny access for legitimate users in an online service. There are numerous simple hardware configuration changes which can be taken to prevent the DDOS Attack.

10 Aug 2019
Start Lending Program

Here, we would start the lending program. Funds will here be lent to the users when the margin trade is open with no withdrawal access.

15 Sep 2019
Web Wallet

The web wallet of cryptocurrency is basically a software program which is used to store public and private keys. It is also used to interact with various blockchain which enable the users to receive and send the digital currency and used to see the balance.

25 Oct 2019
Improve Website Features

Improving and enhancing has always been the best way to modernise. Website needs an easy access and a much more secured programs.

15 Nov 2019
Trade On Coin Exchange

Trade on coin exchange provides with an innovative platform altogether to exchange your coin anytime in the most secured and profitable ways.